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Ranking in Northern Ireland takes local, specialist knowledge

The problem with most SEO services is that they are being carried out by web designers or “full service” digital marketing agencies who try to fit every website into a one-size fits all package of out-dated, lazy tactics that just don’t work.

As a specialist seo agency we work with companies all across the UK and even further afield helping them to dominate the search results in their industries. But as one of Northern Ireland’s very few SEO agencies we also help local businesses to improve their online sales and signups through dedicated local SEO strategies. Due to Northern Ireland being part of the UK and it’s close proximity to the Republic of Ireland, ranking a website over here is a little bit different to most places. Luckily we have been working on SEO and digital marketing campaigns for Northern Irish companies for over a decade so we’re confident that we know how to get you results.

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What makes Northern Ireland SEO so different?

If you are a Northern Ireland based business then you will most likely have a .com or website and when it comes to ranking on page 1 of Google, it will be we’re talking about which is the UK wide search engine. For many Northern Irish businesses ranking UK wide isn’t really relevant for them. If you are a plumbing services company in Belfast for example, you may want to rank for local Belfast based search terms or throughout Northern Ireland and maybe even in the Republic as well but ranking top of Google in England is only going to send irrelevant traffic to your website. Therefore your SEO strategy needs to be designed to get you ranking in the right places and driving the right audience to your website.

NI Specific SEO Approach

We work with each client to design a specifically tailored strategy that will help them achieve their organic search goals. This involves identifying local keywords, forming relationships and earning links and citations from local sources, optimising your Google My Business listing and social media presence and creating content that appeals to your target market and provides genuine value to them. We will include specific location based code to make it easier for search engines to understand who you are, what you do and where you are based. You will still get the same in-depth SEO services that we provide for all of our clients no matter where they are based, just with a bit of local knowledge added to the mix!

NI Based Businesses Targeting Ireland

It’s not uncommon for a Northern Ireland based business to have their target market in the Republic Of Ireland or vice-versa. We have worked with lots of websites to help them either specially rank in or to create a dominate presence both in within Northern Ireland and Ireland. To gain genuine results through search engine optimisation it all comes down to your individual goals and ambitions but wherever your audience is we are seasoned pro’s at getting you in front of them and ensuring they convert into customers once they find your website.

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